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We work with businesses to create both new, and re-imagined brand identities, that perfectly reflect the company. We offer various branding packages depending on the needs of the client. Our immediately recognisable brand identities undergo a range of services, including brand proposition strategy, logo designs, typography and colour selection, strategy, tone of voice, imagery styling, textures and patterns, plus packaging and point of sale.

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Leading design that realises the vision in brand-led personalised customer journeys and customer experience across all digital channels; supporting you in the production and management of engaging content to speak directly to your customers.

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JAIM is a Bali digital marketing agency offering 360° marketing solutions, delivering measurable results across different marketing initiatives from eCommerce and SEO to creative campaigns. As a Bali leading digital agency specializing in strategy and brand building, we will help accelerate your online growth and get you where you need to be with eye-catching creatives and measurable marketing campaigns. JAIM has years of industry experience and hundreds of successful campaigns under their belts. Each AIM in our collective brings a wealth of expertise and a phenomenal skill set. Our goal is to make sure your brand story inspires people to make sustainable choices because the world depends on it.

Attract, Impress, and Convert more leads online and get results with JAIM.

JAIM specialises in working with businesses primarily in the F&B and Hospitality industries. However, we also collaborate with businesses from various industries and regions. Our team has the expertise to assist businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry or location, in achieving their goals through effective digital marketing and design strategies.

JAIM Agency can help you establish a strong brand identity for your new business. We specialise in brand development, creating a unique and compelling brand that aligns with your goals and target audience. We’ll design a visually appealing brand identity, including logo, colour palette, and typography, while providing brand guidelines for consistency. 

At JAIM, we value long-term relationships with our clients. We believe that sustained collaboration leads to significant achievements. Our partnership terms are flexible and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Whether you require ongoing digital marketing support, website maintenance, or design services, we are committed to working with you over the long run to help you achieve your goals and realise successful outcomes.

Our expert team creates visually appealing websites, captivating visuals, and develops strong brand identities that effectively represent your business. With comprehensive design solutions, we ensure your creative needs are met to drive marketing success.

Hiring JAIM Agency, with a team of graphic designers, motion designers, web developers, SEO and SEM strategists, offers the advantage of diverse expertise under one roof. Our collaborative approach enables us to efficiently manage projects, develop integrated marketing strategies, and deliver high-quality results that truly impact your business.